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What We Offer

It is no secret that consumers rely on great images for their buying decisions. High quality product photography will make your products stand out and sell much quicker.

We specialize in providing clean, detail-rich digital product photography, but we don't charge sky-high prices for it. Most of our clients need us for catalogues, e-commerce, websites, brochures, linesheets, and trade magazine ads - in short, anything that needs frequent and affordable updating.

To provide you with the best possible quality we use only top-range photo equiupment: Canon EOS 5D mark3 (24mpix), L-series professional lenses, Bowens studio strobes, softboxes, etc.

We are extremely proficient in post-production and retouching.

And our rates are always reasonable and affordable.

What You Get

95% of our clients prefer to get images with 100% white background with natural shadows. But you may as well choose black or gray backgrounds or reflective acrylic, etc. It's all up to you.
Regular post-production includes: color-proofing, contrast and level correction, sharpening, basic cleaning (minor dust, scratches).
Final images will be delivered as 2 sets of files containing:
- High resolution images for print (300 dpi).
- Low resolution images for web (72 dpi).
The results will be shared through our own secured cloud service: fast and reliable (and 3 years of archival storage is included free of charge). Alternatively, we can mail out a disk.
All e-commerce type of images are transferred to you with perpetual unlimited non-exclusive rights of usage.

Covered Area

We are conveniently located in Queens, New York and are equipped to photograph your products on location, wherever you may be in the TriState area. Our mobile set of equipment can be easily set upon your premises for your convenience.
Travelling to New Jersey, Connecticut, or New York state outside NYC will add a travel fee based on the distance/time. Please contact us for an estimation but don't be afraid - we are more than reasonable.

Turnaround Time

We are extremely efficient. Our regular turnaround is usually 3 - 5 business days from the time we get your samples.
Rush service is available.

On Figure

Whether you need photographs of models wearing your products in studio on a plain white background, or fashion style imagery on a beach or in Central Park - we can do it all.

Ghost Mannequin

Using mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products.
However, mannequins can be distracting, so using special techniques apparel can be photographed on a mannequin that is then removed in post production creating a 3D look called “ghost mannequin”, as shown in the following images.
It costs $70 per final image.

Hand Modelling

It's always great to give a sense of scale or to show products in use.
Your choice of male or female hands.
Add $30 to any photo.

We Are Your Key To Successful Advertising

Why does our product photography look superb? It's all about lighting, composition, and understanding! Lighting takes a lifetime to master - you must know how to make metal surfaces shine, emphasize the textures of wood and fabric, or show the transparency of fluids while keeping all the details in both the lights and the shadows.
We use our creativity to choose the angle and composition that will show your product in the best possible way.
We clearly understand that every product needs specific lighting to accurately show its detail, surface quality, and color. Our careful and thoughtful approach to choosing the right backgrounds and props guarantees that the viewers' attention will be focused on your products.

Altogether this means that on photos your product will look as it does in real life, only better! Your advertising photography is a vital part of your marketing. The volume of your final sales will depend on how clear and appealing your product photos look.
With our expertise we can help you succeed!