Recently I had a styled photography session for one of my long time clients – Sivaana.  We shot on location in Manhattan at a Safavieh store

Sivaana produces a very fine and exciting bedding products. I love they authentic design, and beautiful craftsmanship. I’ve worked with them for many years, photographing all of their products including bedding products, duvets, shawls, accessories etc. We’ve done all e-commerce type of imagery for their website, catalogs, online stores and online promotional campaigns in the past.

This time it was a bit different, since we were doing styled photography in ‘real interior’. We used Safavieh’s beautiful setups as the ‘interior’ of course. Although I often shoot ecommerce type of imagery of home goods, I’m also shooting real interiors which include products by default. The only difference is that I had to adjust my lighting to the fact that the were no normal ceilings or walls for that matter.

beauty for your home